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This year's gift package! 


We are thrilled to introduce this exclusive package, featuring a brand new Stockholm sweater in black with yellow lettering in stylish patterns, accompanied by a Stockholm glass crafted by Ewa Dahlström. These glasses are limited to just 16 pieces and are upcycled from various sources, including wine bottles, whiskey flasks, and even 60s-era juice bottles.

The process of transforming these bottles requires only a quarter of the energy needed for new production, and the release of flux during the glass melting process is entirely avoided. Every step is meticulously done by hand – from washing and removing labels, to eliminating all adhesive residues, reshaping, and finally, polishing.

It's recommended to hand-wash the glasses, as machine washing may cause the label to fade over time. The new sweater, adorned with our favorite colors, maintains the same high quality as our other sweatshirts and is printed in a limited edition, just like the glasses. This year's special gift is now available! Please note that the package with the glass and sweater will not be shipped; instead, delivery or pickup from our showroom is offered. After your purchase, we will reach out to you regarding the delivery method within the Stockholm area.

Stockholm Sweater & Glass

  • The glass should be hand-washed, as machine washing may cause the label to fade over time.

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