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20 tracks on a 43 min journey with the opening track "Departure" and ending track "Arrival".

All music written by Ikiz and produced by Ikiz Cabin Crew.

Release Date March 4th 2022.


Taste of Transit on Youtube


Jonne Bentlöv - Trumpet, Minimoog, Polivoks, Yamaha CP25, Ensoniq EPS, Electronics.

Manne Skafvenstedt - Grand piano, Moog grandmother, Prophet REV 2, Electronics.

Robert Mehmet Ikiz - Drums, Percussion, Additional sounds.


Recorded at Yardhouse Studio February 2021.


Recording engineer: Manne Skafvenstedt.


Mixed Andy Pfeiler


Mastered by Martin Ruch


Cabin Crew Art by Sandra Mozard




"Transit" - Ikiz Cabin Crew. CD

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